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Wizardfest LIVE at Mainstage

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Wizardfest LIVE at Mainstage
Wednesday, October 24, 2018 8:00 PM
Mainstage Morgantown, Morgantown, WV
  • 18 & over
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General Admission

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Grab your cloaks, brooms and wands, as this is the Wizarding Event of the Year! festivities include: -LIVE DJ & DANCE PARTY (we also have spots to *chill*) -COSTUME CONTEST winner (groups encouraged) gets cash prize -DRINK SPECIALS & harry potter themed drinks -QUIDDITCH PONG - Stay tuned for some more crazy announcements leading up to the event.

General Admission + Skip The Line

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Wizard Package / Includes Custom Wand and 1 Ticket

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This package includes your ticket to the event and a custom made wand. CUSTOM MADE WANDS COME IN THE 4 HOUSE COLORS (GRYFFINDOR , RAVENCLAW, HUFFLEPUFF, SLYTHERIN)

Supreme Package / Includes Custom Wand / 1 Ticket and Skip The Line

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Includes your ticket to the event plus a custom wand and skip the line privileges. Tickets are very limited.

Wizard's Table / Includes 4 Supreme Tickets / Backstage Access / Skip The Line / 4 Wands

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This package includes your own reserved table, 4 Supreme Tickets, Skip The Line Privileges, 4 Custom Made Wands, Backstage Access and more. Your table does not include alcohol but drinks and bottles can be purchased when you arrive.
Show Details
  • When: Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018 8:00 PM (Doors open at 8:00 PM)
  • Ticket Price: $15.00 - $200.00
  • Door Time: 8:00 PM
  • Restrictions: 18 & over
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We are tremendously excited to inform you that you have been invited to Wizardfest! A Harry Potter themed dance party at <span class="_247o" style="background-color: rgb(220, 230, 248); font-family: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;" spellcheck="false" with="" data-offset-key="7ltss-1-0" offsetkey="7ltss-1-0" entitykey="1" blockkey="7ltss" end="141" start="121" decoratedtext="Mainstage Morgantown" contentstate="k { " }"="" }="" true="" false,="" 153,="" "7ltss",="" {="" h="" },="" 150,="" {}="" map="" 0,="" ],="" null="" {},="" orderedset="" j="" [="" list="" brothers*",="" warner="" of="" trademark="" and="" copyright="" are="" images="" related="" characters="" names,="" potter,="" harry="" bros.="" or="" rowling="" j.k.="" affiliated="" associated="" of,="" event="" official="" an="" not="" is="" "*wizardfest="" "unstyled",="" "51akr",="" a="" [],="" "",="" "6bi69",=""",="" "3m0nc",="" ",="" the="" to="" up="" leading="" announcements="" crazy="" more="" some="" for="" tuned="" stay="" "-="" "741du",="" pong="" "-quidditch="" "1592u",="" drinks="" themed="" potter="" &="" specials="" "-drink="" "2s3el",="" prize="" cash="" gets="" encouraged)="" (groups="" winner="" contest="" "-costume="" "7c5bd",="" *chill*)="" spots="" have="" also="" (we="" party="" dance="" dj="" "-live="" "6pu2g",="" year!="" wizarding="" this="" as="" wands,="" brooms="" cloaks,="" your="" "grab="" "9b88",="" "e6cja",="" :)",="" toads="" cats="" owls="" any="" admittance="" no="" strictly="" night!="" throughout="" flowing="" brews="" buttery="" potions="" potent="" whiskey,="" fire="" like="" decorations,="" night="" magical="" ready="" "get="" "erdvi",="" "6oecd",="" prizes!="" great="" win="" can="" you="" where="" all="" set="" quidditch="" butterbeer="" serving="" be="" "we'll="" "c0bgh",="" "3u0mu",="" ***="" wizardfest!="" year's="" prizes="" tickets="" free="" enter="" automatically="" friends="" tag="" wall="" on="" comment="" ***if="" below!="" posting="" by="" own="" very="" chance="" miss="" don't="" dressed="" best="" bags="" goodie="" +="" costume="" epic="" hosting="" "we're="" "1vk37",="" "amnn0",="" butterbeer!="" drink="" 21+="" 18+="" wizardfest="" reminder="""" at="" festivities="" join="" options="" ticket="" special="" presale="" cheap="" delivered="" has="" owl's="" "erol="" "6h1hk",="" "d4n5k",="" "1"="" party!!!="" huge="" throw="" hogwarts="" into="" venues="" favorite="" one="" transform="" we'll="" morgantown="" mainstage="" invited="" been="" that="" inform="" excited="" tremendously="" "we="" orderedmap="" undefined,="">Mainstage Morgantown where we'll transform one of your favorite venues into Hogwarts and throw a huge party!!!
Erol the Owl's has delivered cheap presale tickets and special ticket options to join the festivities at  Reminder Wizardfest is 18+ and you have to be 21+ to drink the butterbeer!
We're also hosting an Epic Costume Contest (groups encouraged) with Cash Prizes + Goodie bags to the best dressed and don't miss the chance to win your very own magical prizes by posting on the event wall below! ***if you comment on the wall and tag your friends you automatically enter to win free tickets and prizes to this year's Wizardfest!  ***
We'll be serving butterbeer and harry potter themed drinks with Quidditch Pong set up all night where you can win drinks & great prizes!
Get ready for a magical night with decorations, themed drinks like fire whiskey, potent potions and buttery brews flowing throughout the night! Strictly no admittance of any owls OR cats OR toads :)
Grab your cloaks, brooms and wands, as this is the Wizarding Event of the Year!
-LIVE DJ & DANCE PARTY (we also have spots to *chill*)
-COSTUME CONTEST winner (groups encouraged) gets cash prize
-DRINK SPECIALS & harry potter themed drinks
- Stay tuned for some more crazy announcements leading up to the event
*Wizardfest is not an official event of, associated or affiliated with Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros. Harry Potter, names, characters and related images are copyright and trademark of Warner Brothers*